Power Surges / Transient Over-voltages

Power surges or transient over-voltages can be caused in two ways: either as the secondary effect of a lightning strike (up to a kilometre away), or by the electrical switching of large inductive loads (such as motors and transformers). They may last less than a fraction of a second, but they are powerful and potentially highly destructive causing:

  • Disruption to system operations
  • Degradation of equipment components
  • Destroying components and circuit boards
  • Causing costly and unnecessary downtime

Nimbus LP can supply and install effective protection from lightning surges and over-voltages using components supplied by leading surge protection manufacturers designed specifically for:

  • Mains power supplies
  • Data and telecoms equipment
  • Computer networks
  • RF, CCTV, rail and CATV systems

We at Nimbus can provide a ‘free of charge’ site survey for our customers together with a supply only service which offers significant discounts from the UK’s main transient/surge suppliers.

Additionally, we offer an installation service which can include ‘out of hours’ working to meet our customers’ requirements during those all too infrequent ‘shut-down’ maintenance periods.

Nimbus Lightning Protection Ltd. is part of PTSG, a UK market leader that specialises in access and safety, electrical services, specialist building access and fire solutions.

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